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music:LX is a non-profit organization and network, created in 2009 with the aim to develop Luxembourgish music of all genres around the world and to promote professional exchange between Luxembourg and other territories.
There are 4 essential services offered by music:LX
We help our artists financially with the promotion of releases outside of Luxembourg and international tours and showcases. We can participate on part of the transport and accommodation costs during a tour and take in charge the costs of a PR agent to do the promotional work for a release abroad.
music:LX produces information about the music industry and the evolution of the markets outside of Luxembourg through a Newsletter for the artists and professionals.                                                                                                      music:LX informs the international music professional about Luxembourgish artists and music industry.
music:LX has a constantly updated database of contacts (venues, festivals, labels, booking agencies...) in order to provide the artists the information they need to play shows, find a label or a booker etc.
music:LX helps establish and consolidate relationships between Luxembourgish artists and international music professionals. We do so through organized meetings in both international territories and Luxembourg, along with networking events at different conferences/fairs including Eurosonic, MaMA, Jazzahead, WOMEX, Printemps de Bourges, CMJ, Sonic Visions and many others.
music:LX promotes music from Luxembourg through their website, newsletter, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, You Tube...) and participation at international fairs and festivals.
music:LX does targeted research to promote and suggest Luxembourgish artists directly to the labels, editors, booking agencies, promoters, festivals and more.
music:LX tries to get the Luxembourgish bands a slot on a festival in order to bring their music to a larger and broader audience.

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