Discover the full line-up of the Shuffle Festival! + Luxembourg jazz release

On November 25th and 26th, Shuffle will showcase the newest projects of Luxembourg’s jazz artists at neimënster Abbey! This will also be a great occasion to favour encounters between Luxembourg and international professionals.

The full line-up: 
Maxime Bender Universal Sky (LU)
Gast Waltzing “Love, Drugs & Peace” (LU)
The Aquatic Museum (Claire Parsons & Laurent Peckels) (LU)
Tele-Port (LU)
Arthur Possing 4tet (LU)
Jambal – New Talent (LU)
Daniel Migliosi 6tet – New Talent (LU)
Isis Apache Montero (ES) – Exchange with FIRA B!
Neue Grafik Ensemble (FR/UK)

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Luxembourg jazz release: Maxime Bender « Universal Sky » – Fall & Rise (CamJazz)

Mixing contemporary post-bop with elements of soul-jazz (and a totally unexpected cover of a Bruce Springsteen tune), Maxime Bender’s Universal Sky make unashamedly contemporary music that majors on melody and flow. Individual, but recalling Wayne Shorter, the leader’s tenor and soprano saxophone works over beds of guitar, organ and drums that stay harmonically open, mobile and always graceful. In a period where self-written music is the norm rather than an exception, these tracks stand out in not drawing overdue attention to the writing process, preferring to deliver a strong, accessible musical message.

Maxime Bender, tenor & soprano saxophone
Manu Codjia, guitar
Jean-Yves Jung, organ & piano
Jérôme Klein, drums

Source: Brian Morton, CamJazz