In thirty years, JazzLab has grown from a small pioneering non-profit organization to the largest organizer of jazz concerts in Flanders. Gradually, we also took a more active role in building a structured Belgian jazz scene. The organization of the networking events JazzForum and Belgian Jazz Meetings, which from 2023 will continue as Belgium Booms, are telling examples of this.

JazzLab is not only taking the reins on a national level. International opportunities are also being seized. From 2007 to 2021, JazzLab was part of the international jazz network "Criss Cross Europe", with partners in France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Germany, Estonia and Denmark. In recent years, we co-founded initiatives such as Stepping Stone and Constellations, which focus on sustainable talent development for young creators.

Since 2016, JazzLab has also been a member of Europe Jazz Network (EJN), an organization dedicated to contemporary jazz and improvised music with a European perspective. Moreover, in 2023, we are co-organizer of the European Jazz Conference, the largest event of its kind in Europe!

Although tours with existing jazz projects remain the core of our operation, in recent years there has been an increasing (co)productive operation in which we direct and support the development of new projects (JazzLab Impulse). We feel it is important to create as many opportunities as possible and give interesting jazz projects the oxygen they need to ignite.

Case studies

In January 2023, Belgian artist and bass player Lara Rosseel and her Quintet embarked on a 10-day concert tour travelling from Belgium to south-west Sweden.