Grands Formats


Grands Formats is a French federation founded in 2003 with the support of the French Ministry. This non-profit organization gathers together more than 100 large ensembles and collectives in France and Europe, representing the wide artistic diversity of jazz and improvised music today.

The federation :

- organises activities and develops partnerships to encourage development of jazz and improvised music in France and Europe, more specifically music composed and played by large ensembles. Among these activities, Grands Formats organises an annual event called “La Rentrée Grands Formats” with concerts and professional meetings and co-organises "NewDeal" at the Philharmonie de Paris, a fair for music professionals of classical and creative fields.

- is developing an information and dissemination centre, presenting a space for information and solidarity among artists, regular studies and surveys, and workshops with music students.

- participates in debates and contributes to French music policy.