EJN Staff Exchange Programme

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Previous Participant: Loredana Franza

"Very precious experience who definitely enriched my professional and personal life"
From: Semente Cultural Productions (Sweden)
To: NovaraJazz (Italy)
Dates: 29 May - 06 June 2022

I decided to do the Staff Exchange Programme in Novara because I wanted to experience the artistic Residency of Lisen Rylander Löve and Mirko Pedrotti, a brand new duo that I have hosted on our Stockholm Women´s International Jazz Festival in Stockholm in March. This time the duo was supposed to work supported by the presence of another artist, Bienoise, who worked on Lisen and Mirko repertoire introducing his electronics.

For me it was the first time about how to coordinate a Residency and it was very interesting.  I have been working side by side with Enrico Bettinello, the curator of the Residency. We have been following the artists from their very beginning, trying to understand if they all fell comfortable and giving them feedbacks and support about their common work. It has been a very intensive week, full of interesting moments. To me, one of the strongest experience has been testifying the creative process throughout the artists created a "third" sound, different from the previous 2 experiences that they had earlier.   

It was also very exciting leaving another Festival close to its staff and finding some similarities and some differences at the same time. Very precious experience who definitely enriched my professional and personal life.