EJN Staff Exchange Programme

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Previous Participant: Federico Tofoni

From: TAM Tutta Un'Altra Musica - Eventi SCRL (Italy)
To: Improvised Music Company (Ireland)
19 - 28 August 2019

I worked for Improvised Music Company for ten days in order to help organizing  "Hotter than July", a one-day world music festival in Smithfield Square (Dublin). I spent the days before the festival working in the office, talking with the artists on the phone, figuring out their needs on the day of the festival and making stage plans according to their requests. I also helped giving flyers and posters about the festival to several venues all around Dublin. The day of the festival I was responsible of the communication with the artists and of their stage times.

Working in the office with the IMC team has been amazing, all the people from the staff (Kenneth, Aoife, Catriona and Adam) were very professional and at the same time very nice to me, I felt like an active part on the organization of the festival and I learnt a lot about communication with the artists and how to have a clear vision in mind of how all the things should be during the festival.

This was one of the best experience of my life and my second staff exchange for EJN. I hope to be able to do another staff exchange experience as soon as possible