EJN Staff Exchange Programme

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Previous participant: FEDERICO TOFONI

From: TAM, Tutta un'altra Musica (Italy)
20 - 25 June 2017


Exchange Report

The festival took place in several locations such as the Royal Concert Hall, the Fruit Market (in which the office was) and  St. Luke’s Church. I joined the festival’s staff preparing catering for the musicians, preparing the hall for the concerts and helping the musicians when they needed. I had the luck to attend and work for artists like The Strobes, Neil Cowley trio, Nerija and legends like Tony Allen and Ginger Baker.

After the gigs, all the members of the staff  gathered at the Brunswick Hotel for the late night Jam Session too cheer together and talk about the next day’s concert. The festival is very well organized, and everything went really good. It was a beautiful experience for me and I hope to go back to Glasgow and to the festival as soon as possible.