EJN Staff Exchange Programme

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Previous Participant: Djana Karavdic

From: Jazz Fest Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
To: Ljubljana Jazz Festival / Cankarjev dom (Slovenia)
15 - 23 June 2019

My staff exchange trip started on 15th of June, but since this is my consecutive visit to Ljubljana, my work for Jazz Festival Ljubljana organised by biggest congress and cultural centre in Slovenia Cankarjev Dom started before my arrival to Slovenia.   

This year I was in charge for transportation and hospitality, that means preparation of transportation plan for all festival international participants and international guests including complete itineraries for all bands performing at 60th Jazz Festival Ljubljana.   

In April and May Cankarjev Dom’s staff provided all relevant information regarding flights, hotels, sound check and concert schedules and I start working on transportation plan for performing artists and guests, more than 120 persons (plus same number of local artists). When this plan was finalised, I made itineraries for all performing bands.   

Upon my arrival to Ljubljana, transportation plan was delivered and discussed with drivers; itineraries were delivered and discussed with hosts and hostesses. First artists arrived on 16th June and first festival programs were organised on 17th June and there were meetings organised with drivers and hosts/hostesses.    

In following days, there were daily briefs with drivers and hosts/hostesses and coordination due flight cancellations, flight and train delays, changes in sound check timetable etc. Having in mind that hosts/hostesses, eight of them in total, were students and some of them were engaged for the very first time, I was on disposal for their inquiries.    

As already mentioned, this was my third year in Europe Jazz Network Staff Exchange programme. First year at Cankarjev Dom was valuable experience, second year I contribute with my work more than year before, since I knew the staff, facilities, etc, and this year it was a real work with obligations and responsibilities and, I dare to say, festival staff had a person they could rely on regarding duties that are important for the festival, and that was connected with a Europe Jazz Network programme.   

There was also Maria Lubczynska from National Forum of Music, Wroclaw, Poland, that was on staff exchange program at Cankarjev Dom Ljubljana too. We had really a great cooperation, Maria has nice personality; she is very professional, collaborative and friendly.    

I would like to express my gratitude to Europe Jazz Network, to Staff Exchange Programme and administrators of the project for their support and cooperation.