EJN Staff Exchange Programme

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Previous participant: Djana Karavdic

From: Jazz Fest Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
To: Cankarjev dom (Slovenia)
22 June - 02 July 2018

My staff exchange trip started on 22nd of June. I travelled to Ljubljana on Friday and after arrival I visited the office of Jazz Festival Ljubljana at Cankarjev Dom.

As this is my second year in Ljubljana (I spent 10 days as part of EJN Staff Exchange programme in 2017 there), my work for Jazz Festival Ljubljana started before my arrival to Slovenia. Festival director Bogdan Benigar provided all information regarding flights, booked hotels and sound check schedules and my job was to prepare transportation plan for all performing artists, international and Slovenian, and for international guest.

There was more than 140 Slovenian and international artists performing at 59th Jazz Festival Ljubljana and on my arrival to Ljubljana and Cankarjev Dom, transportation plan was discussed and delivered to drivers and hostesses.

First guests arrived on 26th June and by that time I prepared festival passes and welcome bags. As design of promo materials of the festival was based on hand writing typography, we decided that names on the passes need to be in same manner, so I make near 200 passes for artists, guests, press and staff.

From 27th till 30th June, I spend my working hours in office, preparing video clips for video screening in front of Cankarjev Dom (two of the festival stages were in CD Park in front of the building). Those clips were prepared every day for the evening, and included photos of performing artists, concert photos from previous concerts, and concert schedule for following day.

During the festival I took care that all guests are provided with complementary tickets, that promo materials are regularly distributed to tourist information offices, hotels, and other frequent spots in town, supervising hostesses and backstage, coordinating lectures.

As previously mentioned, this was my second year in Europe Jazz Network Staff Exchange programme. Last year at Cankarjev Dom was significant experience but this year I could contribute even more than year before. This year, I knew all staff, and facilities, and ways that festival functioning and Jazz Festival Ljubljana staff could give me more duties and responsibilities, and my contribution to the festival could be better than previous years in many ways (hopefully, they feel the same).

In my report for 2017, I suggested to improve the EJN Staff Exchange Programme – to last 15 days on location plus 15 more days that can be used to work for the festival as a dislocated associate. I also recommend that program should include same staff for two or three consecutive years so that this experience can benefit even more for the host organization and to the visiting staff member. By this report I would like to express my assurance that this way, Programme will have more success and will eventually increase cooperation and better connections between EJN member organisations.

I would like to express my gratitude to EJN, Staff Exchange Programme and administrators of the project for their support and cooperation.