EJN Staff Exchange Programme

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Previous Participant: Ave Tölpt

From: Estonian Jazz Union (Estonia)
To: Jazzlines - Town Hall & Symphony Hall Birmingham (UK)
26 November - 02 December 2019


The EJN exchange experience at Norsk jazzforum was filled with professional management and wonderful cooperation between many good colleagues, sharing leadership skills, bringing me a wider overview about the whole field. One of the most valuable profit was the possibility to get to know about the everyday work of even three organizations, next to Norsk jazzforum I also met with the people of Nasjonal Jazzscene and Jazznytt magazine. In the Norsk jazzforum I was included to the everyday work basis, got a lot of bigger and smaller meetings to establish a better overview of different types of work: marketing, communication, projects, memberships and most wonderful, about the long time strategy and how to build a long time network.

The exchange allowed me to experience the field in general, bringing me also to many different concerts and events, where I had full networking possibilities. During the time I met with fantastic artists and changed a lot of contacts, which I feel is definitely an important part of increasing the Nordic cooperation and building good relationships between the scenes. Of high importance next to working with the CEO of the jazzforum, was the meeting with the EJN president Jan Ole Otnæs, sharing also some thoughts about strategical planning, the picture of the jazz scene in Europe and good overall recommendations. Eventually the most valuable was definitely the opportunity to build a strong network, which allows creating many new possible relationships between the partners.

I was honored to work with a lot of people, got an wonderful example of professionally working organization, which elements I can definitely use for developing my organization further on building a longer strategy and team.