#Womentothefore of new music festivals by EJN members



On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2022, we want to highlight some new initiatives by EJN members that this year are dedicating their programmes to present on stage phenomenal creative musicians, contributing to bring forward the discussions in our sector about true gender parity and inclusivity.

Stockholm Women’s International Jazz Festival (Sweden)
19 March 2022

The fourth edition of the festival will be in partnership with one of the most iconic places for Jazz in Sweden and Europe, Fasching Jazz Club. Like the past years, the Festival gives space to new rising female artists of the Swedish scene, continues to create “bridges” with other countries hosting another absolute Premiere for Sweden - in collaboration with 2 Italian producers like Novara Jazz Festival and Centro Santa Chiara, Trento -  and once again brings to Sweden internationally acclaimed female band leaders and composers.

More info: https://www.europejazz.net/news/stockholm-womens-international-jazz-festival-back-2022-saturday-19-march-2022-fasching 
Or: https://www.semente.se/stockholm-womens-international-jazz

Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival - Women in Jazz edition (Greece)
23 - 29 May 2022

Even though women have always played an integral role in shaping the history of Jazz, they have achieved much less recognition for their contributions as composers, bandleaders and performers representing today only a small percentage of the international instrumentalists in the genre.

The 21st edition of the Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival will focus on Women in Jazz and will call only for female artists and female-fronted bands to perform in the Technopolis main stage in Athens from the 23rd to the 29th of May 2022. Through this initiative and by showcasing the music and stories of women and creating an additional international stream for them to communicate, collaborate and inspire the next generation of female talents, the Festival would like to contribute to gender balance in jazz. Additionally a one-day conference will be hosted in the Athens Technopolis Amphitheatre during the festival, featuring some of the most important women music professionals and international artists while they share their knowledge and real-life experiences, inspire and network with their colleagues and discuss gender equality in jazz music.

More info: https://www.europejazz.net/news/athens-technopolis-jazz-festival-2022-women-jazz-edition 
Or: https://www.technopolisjazzfestival.com/

Queenta - Woman Jazz Festival (Israel)
24 - 26 May 2022 - full line-up on 23 March

Chen Levi - Singer/Songwriter, jazz musician, educator, artistic director of the new and upcoming festival: "I am full of respect and excitement at the opportunity to curate a unique jazz festival, the first of its kind in Israel, whose gospel resonates both on the artistic level and in its statement and message. In the world, a historic revolution is taking place that began with the #MeToo movement, and on the wave of this revolution, the "Yellow Submarine" rose and initiated a groundbreaking festival that is a creative platform for female jazz musicians. As the curator of this festival, it is important for me to produce quality and intriguing content, explore unconventional combinations between female artists and produce original productions tailored specifically to the festival's dimensions and the artists participating in it."

The festival will take place at the Yellow Submarine - The place for music in Jerusalem.

More info: https://www.europejazz.net/news/queenta-woman-jazz-festival
Or: https://yellowsubmarine.org.il/