Queenta - Woman Jazz Festival

24 - 26 May 2022 - full lineup in March 23

Chen Levi - Singer/Songwriter, jazz musician, educator, artistic director of the new and upcoming festival: "I am full of respect and excitement at the opportunity to curate a unique jazz festival, the first of its kind in Israel, whose gospel resonates both on the artistic level and in its statement and message. In the world, a historic revolution is taking place that began with the #MeToo movement, and on the wave of this revolution, the "Yellow Submarine" rose and initiated a groundbreaking festival that is a creative platform for female jazz musicians. As the curator of this festival, it is important for me to produce quality and intriguing content, explore unconventional combinations between female artists and produce original productions tailored specifically to the festival's dimensions and the artists participating in it."

The festival will take place at the Yellow Submarine - The place for music in Jerusalem.

More info: https://yellowsubmarine.org.il/