Yuri Honing's Peace Orchestra at LantarenVenster

After the global pandemic, Yuri Honing envisioned The Peace Orchestra as a musical response to the need for connection and inspiration. Its message: hope and peace. This sentiment could not be more relevant today, with the idea of peace almost inconceivable for many.

Yuri Honing is known as one of the Netherlands' most innovative jazz saxophonists, having gained international acclaim in 1996 with the album "Star Tracks," featuring interpretations of songs by ABBA and The Police. Since then, he's become a globally recognized jazz figure, not just as a skilled saxophonist but also as a composer. His diverse collaborations include a duo with Misha Mengelberg, the album "Seven" with Gary Peacock and Paul Motian, and working with Vince Mendoza on "Symphonic."

With an all-star lineup, Yuri Honing’s Peace Orchestra blends jazz from the sixties and seventies with modern electronics, drawing inspiration from Pharoah Sanders, Charles Lloyd, and Sun Ra.

Yuri Honing and his Peace Orchestra will perform at LantarenVenster on the 6th of January, 2024.