Young curators program and ‘immersive sound’ system during the European Jazz Conference in Ghent



In the previous EJN-newsletter, we informed you about the selection of 20 Belgian bands that will perform during the upcoming Conference, taking place on 12-15 September 2024 in Ghent, Belgium. While we're confident that this year's showcase & fringe program will offer a diverse and interesting mix of sounds and styles, we are also delighted that we can expand the program with a few special touches.

The Conference coincides with the opening of the new Music Club Wintercircus, featuring a brand new state-of-the-art immersive sound system, that allows every person in the circle-shaped room to experience the music in superior conditions. As we speak, schntzl are crafting a live show with this immersive sound, navigating the delicate balance between the raw sound of drums and hyper-digital synths and electronics. The duo will play two sets, one as part of the EJC showcase program, and one open to the general audience. Expect to be blown away!

Another addition is the young curators-program. With the Conference’s tagline 'Tomorrow Comes Today' and the city of Ghent as European Youth Capital 2024, it was obvious that the younger generation would be involved as well. In cooperation with partner venue De Centrale, we launched an open call for young curators (18-30y), who would love to program a stage for one night. The selected young curators can add their touch, with ample opportunities to exchange ideas with professionals about organizing and promoting events.

You can find more info about the Conference and its artistic program here.