Wrap-up of Jazz Area Metropolitana, and Sile Jazz Festivals

The Associazione Culturale nusica.org is closing a very important artistic season: between March and July many concerts, workshops and meetings took place thanks to Jazz Area Metropolitana: that's the Veneto cultural network created by nusica.org, that embraces the cultural activities in the territory around Venice, Padua and Treviso. The Riviera del Brenta circuit and the historical places along the Sile River has been involved in the last months.

The Riviera del Brenta circuit, properly described as the "Metropolitan Area", involved seven areas between Mirano and the Brenta River, with various jazz proposals: from the internationally renowned trumpeter Amir El Saffar to the young ensemble Kaos Protokoll; and more the virtuous collaboration with the University of Padua for a sound research on the Po Delta and the Bill Frisell concert. Over 50 people has been involved, between musicians, University Professors and researchers, who proposed their performances in 17 events through 8 different locations - including cities, small towns, harbours - literally "invaded" by music.

Sile Jazz - which is embraced by the Jazz Area Metropolitan network - was held for its seventh edition from June 14 to July 28, with a big impact for the territory. Among the guests there has been the great Ada Montellanico, the Italian-Polish duo Kobilinsky - Di Bonaventura, the extraordinary quartet by Roberto Ottaviano "Griots" (with Pasquale Mirra, Giovanni Maier and Bernardo Guerra) and other interesting young proposals, for a total of about 60 artists and 15 concerts in the most interesting villas, parks, historical places of the countries along the river Sile (13 municipalities participated).

One of the most important meeting has been the Jazz Cruise: the acclaimed boat trip from the mouth of the Sile to the Venice Lagoon with dinner and concert on board.  The core of nusica.org's activities is to increase the value of the north east Veneto area: in the name of great quality, the activities grow year by year and bring to the audience cultural richness, international proposals and innovation.