WOMEX 16 announces Showcase and Conference Programme for Santiago de Compostela

Did you know that more than 50% of the ‘WOMEXicans’ (which is what you call the about 2,500 participants of WOMEX – the World Music Expo), are dealing with jazz music in their everyday work? This number is rising year-by-year and the WOMEX line-up is opening to more diverse mixes of styles and stories than ever before, making WOMEX a place where self-confident music scenes connect with each other – global music and jazz becoming part of the same adventure. 

This year’s showcases appeal to jazz-oriented venues, festivals and audiences, including artists such as Adnan Joubran (Palestine/France), Bixiga 70 (Brazil), Black String (South Korea), C4 Trio (Venezuela), Edmar Castaneda Trio (Colombia/USA), New York Gypsy All Stars (Macedonia/Turkey/Greece/USA), and many more…

In addition to discovering talent, WOMEX is all about contacts, insights and trends: EJN’s own Ros Rigby will hold a conference session on the musical heritage of migrants and thus adds to various WOMEX conference sessions on current topics as well as specific mentorings e.g. on touring the USA, China and Russia, digital solutions (such as with an ‘unconference’ workshop led by Spotify) and communication

WOMEX 16, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain, 19-23 October 2016