Women In Jazz Festival

The first Swedish edition of Women In Jazz Festival took place in Gothenburg on October 1-3 2015.

Women In Jazz Festival is about music, power, norms, dialogue and interaction. It’s about you and I, about society, the music industry, about gender power structures and about presenting some of the most prominent names on the modern jazz scene.

On October 1-3 we present the first edition of Women In Jazz Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden. The festival is an arena for all of the multi facetted expressions that is jazz – from Nordic lyricism to American contemporary jazz, from free improvisations to classical standards. Women In Jazz Festival offers an extensive seminar program during day-time and concerts during the evenings.

Women In Jazz Festival is about both challenging and changing the norms in jazz and about ownership of both the music and the stage. It’s about giving the audience the chance to experience and listen to a broad variety of expressions and voices, both from musicians in the beginning of their careers as well as in the meeting between generations. It’s about presenting the unexpected – music that moves perpetually towards new musical landscapes. It’s also an opportunity to hear contemporary music from some of the most interesting names in today’s jazz scene. And by the way, there are only women on stage.

The seminar program creates opportunities for both musicians, promoters, the industry and anyone with an interest in music to meet and discuss issues concerning the conditions in the music industry from both a gender perspective and an artistic perspective. It’s about the conditions the composers face, the promoters’ situation, power structures and tradition.

Women In Jazz Festival ties in to a number of festivals around the world working to improve the visibility for female jazz musicians in an often male-dominated genre.

More info: www.womeninjazzsweden.se/in-english/