Vossa Jazz Announces New Leadership at the festival

Voss, Norway – June, 2024 – Vossa Jazz, one of Norway's most renowned and innovative jazz festivals, is thrilled to announce the appointment of its new leadership trio: Roger Urhaug as Festival Director, Silje S. Halstensen and Kristin Glück-Teigland as producers.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2023, Vossa Jazz remains as vibrant and youthful as ever, despite its age. In May, we announced two positions in our administration, and we were thrilled to receive nearly 30 applications. We decided to make three roles: a festival director and two 50% positions as producers. Anyone who runs a festival knows that picking the right team is crucial, and this also applies when selecting the daily management team for the festival.

Roger Urhaug: Stepping into the role of Festival Director, Roger Urhaug brings a wealth of experience from the cultural sector. His background spans from Bergen Jazzforum, Førdefestivalen and Kalleklev Management AS, where he represented a diverse range of jazz and folk music artists. Urhaug's passion for music and his deep understanding of the festival landscape make him an ideal choice to lead Vossa Jazz into its next chapter.

Silje S. Halstensen: Silje S. Halstensen, known to many by her stage name Bendik, joins the team as Producer. With a diverse background encompassing festival production, cultural organization leadership, and board positions, Halstensen brings a unique blend of skills and perspectives to Vossa Jazz. Her former experience with other festivals such as Øyafestivalen, Bergenfest, Slottsfjell, Stavern and Vill Vill Vest makes her fit well into the Vossa Jazz administration.

Kristin Glück-Teigland. Kristin Glück-Teigland, returning to Voss after 12 years, takes on the role of Producer. Her passion for nature, culture, and community shines through in her diverse experiences, ranging from managing Fagerheim Fjellstove to running her own food culture project, Frisk. Glück-Teigland's commitment to preserving and promoting Voss's rich heritage will be a good addition to Vossa Jazz’s administration.

A Shared Vision for the Future. The newly appointed leadership trio shares an appreciation for Vossa Jazz's legacy and a strong vision for its future. They are committed to upholding the festival's reputation for artistic excellence, innovation, and community engagement while exploring new opportunities for growth and impact.

"Vossa Jazz is not just one of Norway's finest and most innovative jazz festivals; it is also an integral part of the identity of a proud village with a rich history and cultural heritage," said Roger Urhaug. "Together with an impressive number of volunteers, a dedicated organization, and important partners, Vossa Jazz gets lifted to the internationally recognized festival that we all feel we own a little bit. Me too, as the incoming festival director, it is with both excitement and humility that I look forward to getting to know both the town and all the fantastic people who make Vossa Jazz what it is – and to being able to help take an outstanding festival into the years to come."

Silje S. Halstensen echoed Urhaug's enthusiasm, stating, "When the job as producer for Vossa Jazz came up, I had no doubt that I had to apply. It is a festival that I have heard so many good things about, with exciting bookings and many great stories both on and off stage. I am entering the festival with a tremendous amount of reverence and humility and look forward to being a part of creating great experiences for people in and around Voss!"

Kristin Glück-Teigland expressed her delight at joining the Vossa Jazz team, saying, "Imagine being allowed to work with Vossa Jazz itself! Moving back to Voss after 12 years out of town feels like coming home. A swarm of good people and delicious village culture. I look forward to everyday life on Vangen, to festival energy and human encounters through culture, nature, good meals, and memorable experiences. Culture is both tradition and innovation, and Vossa Jazz is both safe and exciting for me. It is safe with 51 years of experience, but at the same time it is very exciting with three new people in the administration. What can we manage to stir up?"

Chairwoman Hilde Magnusson is very pleased with the three signings that have now been made: "The new festival director Roger Urhaug is perfect for the job, and with his background I am confident that the festival has got a very competent daily manager. The two others new to the Voss Jazz office, Silje S. Halstensen and Kristin Glück-Teigland, have backgrounds that will complement Roger in an excellent way."

With the appointment of this exceptional leadership team, Vossa Jazz is poised to continue its legacy of excellence while embracing new opportunities for growth and impact. The festival's commitment to artistic innovation, community engagement, and cultural preservation remains as strong as ever.