THE VOICE OF A LAND – when music meets our local identity

“The voice of a land” – (la voce della terra) is a project conceived and put together by Visioninmusica to enhance the identity of the towns and villages in the region of Umbria, especially those hit by the recent big earthquakes.

The series of musical events will blend in with the natural beauty, history and culture of these territories, and will involve musicians, journalists, artists and local people.

The international singer NOA will present her new album “Letters to Bach” (released in march 2019) on 28th August, in the quaint village of Scheggino, which is located in the heart of the beautiful “Valnerina” valley in Umbria.

In her album, produced by the legendary QUINCY JONES, NOA selects 12 pieces of music by the German composer Johann Sebastian Bach, enriching them with her own lyrics. The lyrics, in English and Hebrew, are inspired by themes that move from a personal to a more universal domain and the music transcends the borders of language or musical genre, able to reach people’s hearts, thus creating contact among listeners.

The guitar arrangements are by Gil Dor, with whom NOA has been collaborating for years.
NOA voice and percussion
GIL DOR guitar and musical director
OR LUBIANIKER electric bass
GADI SERI  percussion