Visioninmusica summer gigs

Visioninmusica 2023 … (December-April 2023). It was truly a season to remember, filled with memorable moments and exceptional performances. Throughout the season, in the heart of Italy, the green Umbria, a diverse range of musical genres and styles were featured, ensuring there was something for every music lover. We thoughtfully curated the programming, balancing well-known favorites with lesser-known gems, thus offering both familiarity and surprises.

And now, don't miss out on these next two extraordinary gigs: The Aristocrats and the Roby Lakatos Ensemble. 

Gig #1: Roby Lakatos Ensemble in Concert and the “Solisti Aquilani” string orchestra
Date: June 29th, 2023
Venue: The Roman Amphiteatre - Terni

The world-class virtuosity of the Roby Lakatos Ensemble and the “Solisti Aquilani” string orchestra will take the stage on June 29th in the city of Terni. Roby Lakatos, the internationally acclaimed Hungarian violinist, will hypnotize you with his unparalleled talent and boundless passion for music. Combining elements of classical, jazz, and Romani music, Lakatos and his ensemble will transport you to a realm of enchantment and joy.

Gig #2: The Aristocrats – The Defrost Tour
Date: June 30th, 2023
Venue: The Roman Amphiteatre - Terni

Prepare for an explosive evening on June 30th! Comprising the legendary trio of Guthrie Govan on guitar, Bryan Beller on bass, and Marco Minnemann on drums, The Aristocrats are renowned for their mind-bending instrumental virtuosity and boundary-pushing compositions. This is a gig you do not want to miss!