Venezia Jazz Festival Fall edition #4

Musical beauty, artistic research, modern sound, and fine melodies thanks to some of the most interesting performers from Europe and the world.
This is Venezia Jazz Festival Fall Edition by Veneto Jazz.  Much like the colours of the Venetian lagoon, the Jazz Festival is a diverse array of improvisational music and its most surprising variations, of electronic music, of classical music, and of ethnic music from Africa and South America, variously reinterpreted and contaminatedin digital projects.

Mino Cinélu and Nils Petter Molvær are, with their fascinating project SulaMadiana, the emblem of this Festival - a representation of different latitudes and diverse minds that come together under the aegis of music and research of new sound. Two very different artists: ethereal Norwegian jazz on one side and Caribbean blood-infused world music on the other. Together, they gave life of an ECM-published record of unparalleled beauty as much as their live performances are magnetically charming. This is our idea of innovation: unexplored territories, like the ones that two important musicians, sax legend Joe Lovano and Polish pianist Marcin Wasilewski. Call home!