Upcoming fall, BIMHUIS Productions presents new work by Martin Fondse, Alistair Payne & Kit Downes



Our stage has seen a myriad of musicians present their work. But, the last couple of years we’ve also been developing talent under BIMHUIS Productions. A place for the production and presentation of new ensembles, ambitious compositions, and multidisciplinary performances. These plans take many forms, of which we’re proudly presenting three brand new works this fall.

- 23 September - BIMHUIS Composition Assignment: Martin Fondse Tentet ft. Trygve Seim
- 30 September - REFLEX: Alistair Payne ft. Tongo Eisen-Martin
- 3 November - REFLEX: Kit Downes - DR. SNAP

September 23rd - BIMHUIS Composition Assignment: Martin Fondse Tentet ft. Trygve Seim

The third BIMHUIS Composition Assignment has been awarded tothe nationally honored composer and musical centipede, Martin Fondse, following Ben van Gelder (2019) and Tineke Postma (2021). Together with his tentet and the lauded Norwegian saxophonist Trygve Seim, Fondse will present new music from his suite ‘Card Games’. These compositions use the card game as a metaphor, splitting up the piece in five parts: hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades and joker. Each with their own character, personality and meaning. Martin Fondse has earned recognition for his contributions to the Dutch music scene. As a pianist he has been leading his own ensembles since the 90’s. As a composer and arranger he has collaborated with many big bands, orchestras and superstars such as Pat Metheny, George Duke and Cristina Branco. In 2022 Martin Fondse received the title of Dutch National Composer. Find more info here.

September 30th - REFLEX: Alistair Payne ft. Tongo Eisen-Martin
The history of Jazz is one questioning and challenging the status quo. In honor of that spirit, BIMHUIS has invited four musicians in 2022 to create work that reflects on the world and its society. Sanem Kalfa kicked off the series in March, using decor, clothing and music to tell her story of growth. She was followed by Yoràn Vroom, implementing dance into his compositions, reflecting on the last couple of years. On the 30th of September Alistair Payne will grace the stage. The Scottish-born trumpeter is a prominent name amongst the new wave of Dutch Jazz. He has worked with the likes of Sun-Mi Hong, Fuensanta, Tijn Wybenga, Guy Salomon and Tineke Postma. For REFLEX, Payne will present a multidisciplinary work, teaming up with poet Tongo Eisen-Martin. Find more info on Alistair Payne’s concert for REFLEX here.

November 3rd - REFLEX: Kit Downes - DR. SNAP
Following Alistair Payne’s fusion of poetry and music, Kit Downes will work together with visual artist Juliane Schütz to present: DR. SNAP in November. For REFLEX, the composer, pianist and organist teams up with Ben van Gelder, Robin Fincker, Ketija Ringa Karahona, Reinier Baas, Petter Eldh, James MAddren, Sun-Mi Hong and Veslemøy Narveson. Kit Downes is a BBC Jazz Award winning, Mercury Music Award nominated solo recording artist for ECM Records. He has toured the world solo, with his bands (ENEMY, Troyka and Elt) as well as in collaboration with artists such as Squarepusher, Bill Frisell, Mica Levi and Andrew Cyrille. Read more about Kit Downes’ concert for REFLEX here. REFLEX is realised with support of Ammodo.