Upcoming events of Jazzèbre season

• Saturday 15/04 - Maison du temps libre Eus
Claude Tchamitchian & Vincent Lê Quang

"The two artists will meet for the first time in July 2022 on the stage of the Triton, a warm and music-loving establishment in Les Lilas, near Paris. Come and see for yourself, Claude Tchamitchian offers us a very beautiful proposal of companionship with this duo of virtuosos, united by a tenacious desire of instrumental research and a demanding work of writing. The story they tell unfolds simply, aims straight at the heart, improvises flights, dances with the souls, reassures the child in each of us and wets the eyes of the poets with a few tears. Thanks to the instrumental mastery, to the rich inspirations common to these two men, to the incredible elegance they create between power and delicacy, we think - finally, without taking too many risks - that we are going to attend one of the highlights of the Season and therefore, above all, a fabulous concert. "

• Thursday 20/04 - ElMédiator Perpignan - Free
Edredon Sensible (Evening Headline) - in photo

"Four boys in the Autan wind. In Toulouse, the city of this cheerful band, it has always been said that these impetuous gusts of wind would drive you crazy. Is this just a popular belief? No. Edredon Sensible brings the visual and sonorous proof of it with dazzling concerts, a festive and powerful jazz trance. Cotillions, improbable choreographies, inflatable unicorns and zebras (oh my!), carnival costumes mixing animal skins and soccer shorts, will not make you forget that this colored hurricane is in fact orchestrated by real talents, two saxophonists two saxophonists and two drummers-percussionists who master the nuances, styles and rhythms of world music. So let us tell you their best joke: they are just that good! "

& Van Fritzmool (second part of the evening)

"in the schoolyard among the other hilarious children... The three little scoundrels of Fritzmool choose this outfit as their stage attire, with ties all the same, and transform the embarrassment into boisterous pleasures, into an ultra-rhythmic musical delirium, into a petulant kermesse of dirty kids... "