Two new releases for Boomslang Records

Bezau Beatz festival will find place from 5th to 7th August, if possible. More info at:

In the meantime, two new releases have been announced by the Boomslang Records:

Boomslang Records (

Almut Kühne: voice ⎪ Joke Lanz: turntables ⎪ Alfred Vogel: drums

HOW NOISY ARE THE ROOMS? represent an extremely provocative view of creative anarchy. Concentrated energy from three components that constantly run against each other puts the listener in the state of a pinball machine action:
Mercilessly tossed back and forth, never comes to a rest, always at all points at the same time: Noise meets Trip-Hop meets Jazz!
A soulful voice seemingly evoking distant cultures, a labyrinth full of epileptic sounds, and a vigorous ritualistic percussion, these are the ingredients of HNATR?.
Sweet dreams are called chaos! A wonderful chaos in itself!

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LP + digital (Boom0651/Boomslang Records) distributed by Galileo Music GmbH
release 26th march 2021

EDI NULZ - Meganan
Siegmar Brecher: Bassclarinet   I   Julian A. Pajsz: guitar   I   Valentin Schuster: drums
Edi Nulz consists of three jazz musicians that unmistakably bring along a heavy dose of rock music. The music of Julian Adam Pajzs, Valentin Schuster and Siegmar Brecher is far from any classical jazz structures. Besides the strong instrumental skills and the highly complex songs of the musicians, it is above all the driving energy in the playing style, melodies, harmonies and riffs that sets the music of this trio apart from traditional jazz, and is rather reminiscent of the prog-rock era in the 70s.
Since ten years one of the best music exports from the alps of Austria, Edi Nulz are ready for the next chapter.
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LP + CD + digital distributed by Galileo Music GmbH
release 12th march 2021