Tour proposals Spring 2019

Please find some proposals for Spring 2019:


1.  LEWIS PORTER (USA) - Beauty & Mystery project - for March/April 2019

Lewis Porter is not just a jazz pianist. He is also a musicologist, an educator, and author.

His books are read all over Europe and are available in French, Italian and Russian. He wrote the most famous biography on John Coltrane:

Very often when he tours, he will give lectures or workshops during the day as part of a "package deal." 


Audio: Here you can listen to Beauty & Mystery the whole album::


Promo videos:

'Beauty & Mystery' album release promo video

Behind the scenes' video of the studio session:

Live at Scullers Boston (January 2018):


Lewis Porter - piano

Rudy Royston - drums

Kenny Davis - contrabass

Tia Fuller - sax


2. Carsten Lindholm Trio (Denmark)




Carsten Lindholm is a drummer, composer, producer from Denmark, who specializes in nordic Ecm inspired jazz mixed with different elements.

His latest release Indispiration mixes nordic Jazz with indian rhythms, and on a deeper level it wishes to raise attention to the importance of inner peace, as well as keeping a cultural open mind between countries.


 Line up:

 Jan Gunnar Hoff - piano, Shri - bass, Carsten - drums


3. Shijin (France, Belgium, USA, Switzerland)


You can find the entire album on the Pro Page, the code is 2018.


Jacques Schwarz-Bart - saxophone (USA)

Stéphane Galland - drums (Belgium)

Malcolm Braff - piano, keys (Switzerland) 
Laurent David - bass (France)


4. Carlo Maria Nartoni (Italy)

New cd recorded by Radio Svizzera Italiana in Lugano: 


Two possibilities:

a.  Carlo Maria Nartoni Norwegian Trio (Italy/Norway)

Carlo Maria Nartoni - piano

Adrian Myhr - contrabass

Tore Sandbakken - drums & percussion 

b. Carlo Maria Nartoni solo piano



5. DJABE  - The best Fusion / Jazz experience from Hungary!


Preview of new album FLOW:

Listen to the whole album:


Attila Egerhazi - guitar

Tamas Barabas - bass

Aron Koos-Hutas - trumpet

Peter Kaszas - drums

Janos Nagy -keys



For bookings:

Roger Salem


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