Tour Offers 2018



Tour offers 2018

KENNEDY ADMINISTRATION: this is the pulse of today's music - from the street to the dance floor to the souls of our youth.

"… If fairness plays any part in quality music reaching the masses these days, then Kennedy Administration will reach new commercial rights with Ms. Kennedy giving the cream of modern soul vocalizing…" - John Osborne, Jazz FM, U.K

Watch: - Kennedy Administration Live in NY
On tour: March & Summer 2018  
Bookings: Worldwide   
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MACEO PARKER: "Mr. Funk" "98% Funky Stuff"
Maceo Parker embodies the legacy of soul and funk music like no other musician can. Always at the forefront, Maceo has been a common thread in the history of funk — helping to pioneer the sound of the genre in collaborations alongside seminal icons like James Brown, George Clinton, and Prince, all the while honing his own signature brand of showmanship.

Watch: - "Make it Funky - live"
On tour: March- April, Summer 2018
Bookings: Europe  
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CARMEN SOUZA ft Theo Pascal
new release "Creology" beginning 2017 - Joyful celebration of the Creole people and its sounds…

Watch: - "Creology" trailer
Available: all year 2018
Bookings: East Europe, Switzerland, Austria, Asia   
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THE "ORIGINAL" BLUES BROTHERS BAND are back with new release in stores 6 October 2017 "The Last Shade Of Blue Before Black" - "…The Mission Continues…"

Watch: - "live in Madrid"
On tour: Spring - Summer 2018
Bookings: Europe, Asia   
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"Explosive" - Billboard magazine
"She has the Look, The talent, The whole package" - Huffington post
"…Moye makes an impression…" – Rolling Stone magazine
"She rocks her ass-off" – Guitar World magazine 
"…we need her.…" – Carlos Santana
Flipping a Fender Stratocaster upside-down, acclaimed singer, songwriter, and lefty guitarist, Malina Moye has carved out her own lane among the new breed of Rock artists with her own unique blend of Funk and Rock. From honoring the Queen of England, playing on Experience Hendrix Tours, to The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame's tribute concert for music pioneer Chuck Berry, Moye has been considered a premiere guitarist with Guitar World Magazine naming her as one of "the top 10 female guitarist to know". Her new record “Rock & Roll Baby” has garnered 3 Billboard charting singles on various charts in the top 40. The first single “K-yotic,” featuring BootsyCollins, was one of the most shared songs in the country, landing on Billboard’s Twitter 140+ Trending Chart and peaking at number 5. The Examiner states, "Moye is one of 10 independent artist to see” and in 2014, Malina was the recipient of the She Rocks Next Generation award.

NEW Release "Bad As I Wanna Be" out March 2018 by Leopard
Watch: - trailer; - K-yotic Malina Moye ft. Bootsy Collins
On tour: March- April 2018, June-August 2018
Bookings: Europe, Asia 
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TRILOK GURTU …the creative Master Percussionist…

"...a unique Indian percussion maestro..."
" of the greatest jazz and world music percussionists of all time. ..."

Available: April - August 2018
Bookings:  East Europe (in cooperation with Provo Culture, Italy) 
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«I feel more alive now than I ever have in my life. I have a chance to live, as I’ve dreamed.» Nina Simone More then a concert, I Got Life is an event that explores the powerful music and empowering messages of Nina Simone.

JAGUAR WRIGHT - Jaguar is an artist who cannot be defined by genre. She is a Renaissance woman, as comfortable performing with rap mogul Jay Z as she is with jazz drummer extraordinaire, Terry Lynn Carrington. Jaguar was a breakout artist in Philadelphia’s Black Lily scene created by Questlove and The Roots which spawned the careers of Jill Scott and other major Neo-Soul and Hip Hop artists. She released two critically acclaimed albums and also appeared on Veasley’s «Velvet» cd, performing a rendition of the soul classic, «Let’s Do It Again».

GERALD VEASLEY - Veasley is well regarded as a recording artist with several solo albums to his credit. As a bassist, he has worked extensively in the jazz, gospel and R&B genres. His resume includes collaborations with a wide range of artists: Dianna Reeves, Kirk Whalum, The Dixie Hummingbirds, Teddy Pendargrass, Zap Mama. He counts among his mentors two groundbreaking artists: Grover Washington and Joe Zawinul, from whom he developed an appreciation for the balance between innovation and tradition

NEW Release out May 2018 by Leopard
Watch:; - live in NY
On tour:  Summer - Fall 2018
Bookings: Europe 
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A young saxophonist from North Carolina once stood outside the Greensboro Coliseum hoping to just catch a glimpse of his idol Ray Charles. Maceo Parker went on to become one of the most legendary saxophonists in funk history, and Charles’ music remained an undeniable influence throughout his career. Maceo has included a Ray Charles cover on each one of his albums, and was thrilled to have the opportunity to go on tour with Charles in the 90s. Now, Maceo joins forces with the Ray Charles Orchestra and the Raelettes for a spectacular program honoring his hero, _To Ray With Love _. The program premiered at the Hollywood Bowl last summer, followed by a performance at the Monterey Jazz Festival in the fall, and more to come!

Available: late June-July 2018 
Bookings: Europe
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TOMMY McDONNELL & THE MAC 5 "Classic American Blues & Soul"

New release "Prima Time" with Laura Mayo distributed by Inglehood Records, Nashville

"…The Irish tenor gone to sin…" (D.Aykroyd),
"If auto-tuned,plastic-surgeries singers, and computerized music tracks ain’t your cup of meat, hop on board with Tommy McDonnell & The Mac 5“ (the

Watch: - "Prime Time Oh Look What You've Done To Me"
Available: February-November 2018
Bookings: Europe 
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