On Tour: Al Di Meola & G. Rubalcaba (May, June 2014)


On Tour:
Al Di Meola & G. Rubalcaba(USA/Cuba) 

Al Di Meola World Sinfonia tours with guest soloist Gonzalo Rubalcaba! The world class guitarist Al Di Meola and the breathtaking pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba head for a common tour. Two undisputed heroes of jazz - one unique, unforgettable concert!

On Tour: 
May, June 2014 (Europe)
Al Di Meola & G. Rubalcaba

Al Di Meola - guitar
Gonzalo Rubalcaba - piano
Plus 2 crew
On Stage: 2
Travel Party: 4
  YouTube Videos:
Al & Gonzalo - Jam Session (2011)
Al & Gonzalo - Live in Marciac (2011)
Al & Gonzalo Jam Session (2002)

Artist Website:

Gonzalo Rubalcaba was a guest musician on Al Di Meola's release "Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody", now the two outstanding virtuosos are heading for a common tour. The fusion of the world class guitarist Al Di Meola and the exceptional pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba - without a doubt - promises to become one of our jazz highlights in 2014! Combining passion, intelligence and outstanding technique, Al Di Meola is one of the most prominent virtuosos in contemporary jazz. Di Meola’s rhythmically-charged flamenco and tango inspired originals revealed his knack for advanced harmonies along with his embracing of simple, beautiful, alluring melodies. And although he may be a romantic at heart, he showed that he is still very much capable of flashing those legendary chops that graced his '70s classics like Elegant Gypsy and Casino. His highly celebrated career has spanned a wide range of emotions into a unique style embodying the artists world inspired influences. From the beginning of his solo career, where records like 'Land of the Midnight Sun', 'Elegant Gypsy' and 'Casino' were amongst the highest selling records of any instrumental artist at that time, Al Di Meola continues to make, with respect, startling achievements in music pioneering while the decline of U.S. radio continues to elude most interesting contemporary music.Al Di Meola, again and again, reveals himself as a seasoned gifted contemporary composer and a player of deepening grace and evocative lyricism. He has been continually sited by many of the top prominent Music critics around the world for his virtuosic guitar work and compositions. Al's intrigue with complex rhythmic syncopation combined with provocative lyrical melodies always incorporating, sophisticated harmony at the root of these serious but heart felt works is central and foremost. With eight Grammy nominations unders his belt, Gonzalo Rubalcaba has undoubtedly proven himself as established force in the modern Jazz world. In whatever idiom he works, Rubalcaba’s future musical creations will be melodious, rhythmic and 
exciting. He continues to transform the daily routines of our lives into something more beautiful and significant.

2011 Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody - Concord


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