A tonic for the troops // live stream from Nasjonal jazzscene Victoria - Thursday 15. April, at 20.00 CET/GMT +1

We maintain our door-to-door delivery of new and exciting live music, and this coming Thursday the band A tonic for the troops is coming to your house to hold their release party!

The band is new, but the faces are familiar: the debut album Ambush is released on the resurrected, legendary Norwegian jazz label Odin. The music is energetic and melodic, both straight and free, and it swings both high and low. A tonic for the troops puts all these ingredients in the same cup and serves up a vitamin injection in the form of a jazz quartet. This is really something to look forward to!

Bass player Ellen Brekken usually provides the deep frequencies in bands such as Hedvig Mollestad trio and Tord Gustavsen trio, but here she is the leader. The music is inspired by other bassists such as Marc Johnson, Ray Brown, Charlie Mingus and Scott LaFaro, with parameters such as unison riffs, fast runs, calm landscapes and playful rhythms in a modern mainstream tradition.

Espen Berg - piano, Magnus Bakken - saxophone, Ellen Brekken - bass, Magnus Sefaniassen Eide - drums

Here's a taste of what to expect on Thursday: https://youtu.be/CpoA-Lf_sYU 

Ticket for the live-stream: ​https://victoria.ticketco.events/no/en/e/live_stream_a_tonic_for_the_troops