Swedish jazz community celebrates International Jazz Day!

In these dark times we have to keep surrounding us in positive and creative environments. Like this beautiful group of people working so hard to keep the music scenes afloat. It strengthens us and gives us hope!  

We also have a very special day coming up to unite us all in our common love for jazz music. To celebrate International Jazz Day the 30th of April, the jazz community in Sweden has gathered to produce a national streaming festival. Between 4 and 8 pm (Swede timing) on Thursday we will broadcast from 7 cities and a total of 10 jazz acts will preform during this time. 
We would love to invite you all to join the streaming party from Sweden and also get the opportunity to check out the Swedish jazz scene. 
Here is the full schedule:
4:00 pm  Welcome! Live from Lerum, in the west of Sweden
4:05 pm  Makross & Linda Bergström at Kulturkvarteret in Kristianstad (arr. Kulturkvarteret/Musik i Syd)
4:35 pm  Ylva Ratjen at Makeriet in Örebro (arr. Örebro Jazz & Blues/See Us Live) 
5:00 pm Interview with Svensk Jazz about the crisisfund for jazz musicians
5:15 pm  Emil Brandqvist Trio at Kulturhuset Najaden in Halmstad (arr. Musik Hallandia/Jazz i Halmstad) 
5:45 pm  Anna Högberg Solo, Per Nordgren Kvartett, Tom Eddye Nordén Kvartett at Bryggeriet in Härnösand (arr. Öbacka Jazz & Blues/Musik Västernorrland)
6:10 pm  Interview with EJN! <3
6:25 pm   Karin Hammar Fab4 at Fasching in Stockholm (arr. Fasching)
6:55 pm  Frida Selander and Peter Holmqvist Trio at Umeå Folkets Hus in Umeå (arr. Umeå Jazzstudio/Umeå Jazzfestival) 
7:25 pm  Naoko Sakata solo piano, August Eriksson Quartet at Dergårdteatern in Lerum (arr. Knutpunkt Nefertiti/Musik i Lerum/Lerums Kommun/Förvaltningen för kulturutveckling VG regionen)
7:50 pm  Good night from Sweden - and giving over the baton to our sisters and brothers in Oslo! :-D