Summer Dates Nikolas Anadolis


Nikolas Anadolis has the following concerts in Europe during this summer: 

12 June 2013 - Thessaloniki, Greece - "Anases" concert series (Trio with Jonas Burgwinkel and Kostas Theodorou)
27 June 2013 - Patras, Greece - Jazz Festival patras (Greek trio)
10 August 2013 - Santorini, Greece - Megaro Gkizi (Greek Trio)
18-20 August 2013 - Sani Resort, Greece - various venues (solo)

Later this year:

2 November 2013- Ludwigshafen, Germany - Enjoy Jazz Festival (solo concert)
19 December 2013- Essen, Germany - Philharmonie (solo concert)

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Review in IRISH TIMES of Nikolas Anadolis's concert at 12 Points Festival in Dublin where he was the "hype" of the festival:

"…Next up is one of the more anticipated sets at 12 Points. Nikolas Anadolis is the first Greek participant at the festival and it’s been worth the wait. Anadolis is technically formidable behind the grand piano, throwing a torrent of notes at every song and barely pausing for breath while the crowd hold theirs. He is perhaps the most technically gifted musician at the festival. Home tutored by his father, Anadolis won a scholarship to Berklee College and won the Martial Solal Prize in Paris before he turned 19. His set here is much more classical than jazz, though he’s not above throwing in the odd bluesy swagger to show he’s got that area covered too. He throws reams of ideas at each song in a blistering performance, though he never looks out of control or troubled; indeed, the only time he looks slightly uncomfortable is in-between tracks, when he has to handle the copious rounds of applause, which he smiles through the whole time, looking like his itching to start playing again. Anadolis never lets the pace drop in his pieces; at no point does he allow space to creep into the songs. There’s no doubting his musical intelligence, or his control, power and ability; but a bit more dynamic and a little more room for the tracks to breathe and emote could make this a more rounded and satisfying set. That said, being in the audience for an Anadolis concert in a venue this small certainly seems like a privilege that might never be repeated.(…)
By Laurence Mackin, IRISH TIMES, Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And following the review in Jazzpodium (Germany)of the Dec - January issue of the concert of Nikolas Anadolis at Enjoy Jazz Festival in Germany. The concert was sold out and the audience was raging with enthusiasm:

"Nikolas Anadolis has molted into a festival star without having released an album yet. Except for this small omission the 21-year old Greek has made a strong impression though. Until May of this year he was a student at Berklee College (presidential scholarship) and at 19 became the winner of the „Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris“. 

It is a sensation to listen to this man and his trio. Everything here is invested with the very highest quality. It is impossible to perceive in which of the countless possible directions this lavishly laid out potential will develop. As yet Anadolis is trying himself out, citing wildly, but never rashly, though music history, drawing on masters of late romanticism as much as the great virtuosos of jazz. His compositions are passionate, lush and of a downright stereotype vitality. What makes this playing so refreshingly different is that he lacks every sense of supposed correctitude. He is free in the effort to arrive at something completely his own. The road which Anadolis has already covered is for many others a mythical distance. It is not exaggerated to consider Anadolis an outstanding talent of not only European jazz. 

One wishes him to meet a sensible label which won't push him into a too obvious aesthetic concept too early. One must just let this boy play. That he himself at times doesn't trust himself entirely in the inexhaustability of his possibilities may lead to his tendency to play too many notes. But played in the way this young Greek plays them, even that is an epiphany. Whoever trusted festival director Rainer Kern on this evening and let themselves in for this new act, entirely without repute, has every right to the claim to have been present at a true discovery. The applause was accordingly." 
By Volker Doberstein, JAZZPODIUM, Germany December 12 - January 13 Issue
Nikolas Anadolis

Winner of Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris 2010

So far there are only 5 winners of the first prize of the prestigious and world renowned jazz piano contest "Martial Solal", which takes place every four years in Paris. One of them is Nikolas Anadolis from Thessaloniki, who in 2010 was awarded this so-called "Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris" - at the age of 19 years! 

At the end of May 2012, on the day of his last exam at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he studied the past four years on a "presidential scholarship", he traveled to Holland, where he was invited to perform for an audience of international jazz organizers, as well as a general audience at the Amersfoort Jazz festival. "A phenomenal player", "His music transports you into another world", "It is as if a whole orchestra is playing", "Deeply moving", were some of the comments and first invitations to perform at international jazz festivals were put forward.

On 22 October 2012 he performed with his Greek trio at the Enjoy Jazz festival, where he was met with raging enthusiasm from the audience in a sold-out Karlstorbahnhof in Heidelberg. This year (2013) he has been invited to that same festival for a solo concert on 2 November.

Nikolas Anadolis Solo - Martial Solal Contest, Paris
Nikolas Anadolis & Newdecaband
Nikolas Anadolis Trio (European)
Nikolas Anadolis Solo - All the Things You Are
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European Trio - Line-up:
Nikolas Anadalis - piano / Sotiris Anadolis - drums / Dimitris Goumberitsis - double bass

American Trio Line-up:
Nikolas Anadolis - piano / Angelo Spampinato - drums / Young Hoo Kim - double bass

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