Study AJC - Periscope: A roadmap for the jazz sector to address the climate crisis

We know how the question of the arts and culture’s environmental impact is a strong concern to all of us inside EJN.  We have engaged in that matter over the last months and would like to present you this shared study “ A roadmap for the jazz sector to address the climate crisis » from AJC and Periscope - Footprints.

Measuring the carbon footprint of our sector, building a common trajectory for jazz and improvised music and thinking about reproducible strategies for its actors, these are the ambitions of this new study. Based on data collected from 9 festivals and venues (including EJN members: Jazzdor, Bimhuis, Oslo Jazz Festival, Periscope), in rural and urban areas, from "small" to "large", we have carried out one of the first comparative studies around the world regarding carbon footprint.

This study already outlines several levers of action that we can take advantage of and also allows us to draw some first lessons. The low carbon cost of our venues and festivals, their accuracy in relation to the territory, the virtues of the projects that we carry out collectively: shared tours, setting up co-productions, structuring networks locally and nationally, are all possible solutions to respect our ecological commitments, ideas and examples that the entire music sector can use.

You will find here the complete study that will be completed in the coming weeks with a more synthetic document.