Stockholm Jazz Stream



From Stockholm we also want to share with you what we are doing during the pandemic. Perhaps contrary to what you hear and read about Sweden we are in pretty much the same lock down mode as the rest of our European neighbors. Our schools are open but most of society has come to a stand still, including of course our cultural sector and with it our beloved jazz life. At Fasching we’ve been closed since March 15 and it looks like we won’t be able to open this side of summer. In the meantime we are hosting quite a large number of streamed concerts (we try do two a week) in order to give at least some work opportunities to our local jazz musicians as well as keep Fasching alive in the minds of our audience. 
Feel free to tune in to our Facebook site or to to see some of the finest live jazz Sweden can offer. We stream at 20.00 CET and here is a schedule of our coming gigs, more pleasant surprises to come as well! 
Tune in tonight already to check out the great Rigmor Gustafsson!
April 24: Rigmor Gustafsson Quartet
April 29: Svante Söderqvist Trio
May 2: Ida Bang & The Blue Tears
May 5: Isabella Lundgren
May 9: Sthlm Hot Seven
May 13: Lina Nyberg Septet
May 16: TBA
May 20: TBA
May 23: Per Texas Johansson Trio
May 27: Mathias Algotsson & Svante Henrysson Duo
Tune in here:
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