Stian Westerhus V

Friday, January 19th, at 21:00

Commissioned powerhouse!

We are proud to open our Spring season and also our celebration of 10 years inhabiting our lovely club, the former cinema Victoria, with commissioned music composed by Stian Westerhus. As musicians for the project, he has gathered some of the most hard hitting, instrumental magicians for a night of celebrations.
Stian Westerhus is a spearhead in his generation of musicians, and has always broken new ground with the treated guitar. Both in his own right and in interaction with others, he explodes the limits of what an electric guitar can do, and he often turns the music in-out with an intimate, almost bodily expressivity. Violent, honest and beautiful in an almost painful combination.
In recent years, Westerhus has become a sought after composer with commissions for the British Sinfonia, South African Philharmonic, Ultima and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. And now also for the National jazzscene!
In this concert, named «V», we find Westerhus more chamber music oriented, flanked by distinctive musicians with strong individual expressions. Together they shape the Norwegian genre-free music into a razor-sharp edge slicing through the now. "V" is an electroacoustic supernova, a thundering, hissing, puffing mechanoacoustic galactic machine that sweats oil and breathes metal while spitting out angel choirs that slowly falls to the ground.
Stian Westerhus - guitar and vocals, Helge Sten - Buchla-synth, Frode Haltli - accordion, Ståle Storløkken - grand piano and synths, Erland Dahlen - drums
"V" is commissioned by the National Jazz scene and is supported by the Norwegian Culture Council.