Stadtgarten Streams

We put up a weekly streaming schedule from Thursday to Saturday evening. Two of the livestreams happening here at Stadtgarten are:
Tuesday, 7 pm (CET) - Monheim Triennale livestream
This is basically a musical conversation between the festivals’s Artist in Residence, Achim Tang, playing with and talking to some of the Monheim Triennale’s 16 artists via Skype. We don’t stream this as Stadtgarten but offer our club JAKI and infrastructure to the Monheim Triennale to make sure they have a stable internet connection and functional working environment for this kind of streaming.
Thursday, 7 pm (CET) - NICA streams
In January we started the monthly series "NICA presents ..." at JAKI. Due to the current situation we cannot continue the series as planned. As long as this is the case, we put up a new format that sees itself as an "ArtSalon" of the 21st century, that is called „NICA streams“.  It brings the artists of the Cologne scene to the virtual concert room curated by the NICA artists Elisabeth Coudoux, Pablo Giw, Pablo Held and Tamara Lukasheva from our new artist development program NICA, which started last autumn.
You can watch the first edition with the NICA Artists playing here:
To check out all livestreams, we revised our website and included a livestream overview: