Spoleto Jazz 2023

Spoleto Jazz 2023 promises to be of the highest artistic level. Four outstanding concerts that reflect the richness and complexity of the international jazz scene with great artists who have written its history and younger ones who are rewriting the rules and opening up to new contaminations. Sarah McKenzieJohn Scofield TrioTigran Hamasyan and Stick Men are the main characters of this fresco of contemporary jazz staged at Teatro Caio Melisso and at Teatro Nuovo from 20 October to 17 November.

More infos on the concerts:

Opening the show is Australia's 'national treasure' Sarah McKenzie, jazz pianist and singer known for her seductive phrasing and creative improvisational moments. With the accompaniment of her quartet, Sarah will present a few tracks from Without You - her new album to be released this autumn - along with unfailingly enchanting classics such as Fly me to the MoonI wish you Love and Paris in the Rain.

Jazz legend John Scofield, joined by bassist Vicente Archer and drummer Bill Stewart, will take us on a musical journey that reinterprets jazz sounds in a modern key. Starting with tunes by the phenomenal American guitarist, the band will engage in absolutely unconventional improvisations with occasional forays into tracks from their new album Uncle John's band.

Also completely out of the box is Stick Men: the supergroup featuring two historical King Crimson members, Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto, with guitarist Markus Reuter. The trio will offer a musical journey back in time, navigating the various nuances of rock with their unique style.

Tigran Hamasyan will close Spoleto Jazz with The Call Within, joined by Marc Karapetian on bass and Arthur Hnatek on drums. Considered one of the most extraordinary musicians of his generation, the piano virtuoso of Armenian origin ranges from jazz improvisation to rock music featuring references to the Armenian musical tradition.

All infos can be found at: https://visioninmusica.com/spoleto-jazz-2023/