Spain Jazz Catalogue + Jazz España Awards 2023

The Spain Jazz Catalogue, was presented for the first time in 2021 and has being active during all 2022. With a biannual time of life, this document is made up of 15 musical projects selected by jazz festivals from Spain (our members) and offers an accurate and updated sample of the best Spanish jazz available nowadays to the national and international community. A document which has the endorsement of the main jazz festivals in Spain.

Jazz España Awards
Plataforma Jazz España awards gives two annual prizes to two musical projects, the most voted in the Jazz España Catalog. The prize consists of a national tour through our associated festivals. Two categories are awarded: Best Emerging Project and the Best Consolidated Project. In 2022 the 2 projects were SUMRRÁ (consolidated) and Lucía Fumero Trio (emergent). Now in 2023, the 2 new projects touring will be Antonio Lizana (consolidated) and Pere Bujosa Trio (emergent).

In PJE we work to strength the jazz in Spain by contributing in concerts for musicians and network for festivals. This project combines these two demands and also opens the door to new collaborations and international networks.
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