Solfinna ehf presents Domina Convo at the Reykjavik Arts Festival. Jun 7th 20:00



Carmen Staaf (USA), Julia Hülsmann (Germany), Rita Marcotulli (Italy), Sunna Gunnlaugs (Iceland).
They sit down, two at each piano, and a fascinating conversation begins. At a rendezvous like this, anything can happen…

Four jazz musicians from four countries, each a leading player on their national jazz scene, perform their own compositions, balancing the atmospheric with the melodic and the unexpected.

Carmen Staaf swings freely from her straight ahead roots into the unknown, while Julia Hülsmann seeks inspiration in poetry, fascinated by dissonance and new discoveries. Raised on Italian film scores, Rita Marcotulli brings to the keyboard her rich experience of performing American jazz, while Sunna Gunnlaugs adds her contemplative lyricism and Nordic melancholy to this outstanding lineup.