Sile Jazz 2018 is coming!


Sile Jazz

Jazz meets Sile River

58 artists, 15 concerts in 12 different countries along the river and a "Jazz Cruise" to the Venice Lagoon: on board dinner, concert and the thrill of a unique experience.

Back for the seventh time, the festival brings music in the villas, in the old palaces, in the historical centers, in the parks beside the course of the Sile river .

The silver thread of the current edition is "Meeting". Live performance is the quintessence of meeting. The audience is going to experience together the music; many places full of history meet arts and revive; the artists play and create every time a new meeting; the sound of the music, spreading emotion and curiosity, is the best way to make people meet. 

Artists from all over the world are coming to Sile Jazz, from the United States and the whole Europe: young artists and new projects looking at the future are the main focus of the festival. The contemporary jazz finds every kind of expression at the festival (a glance at the classic jazz is just the Alma Swing opening concert). The great common denominator is, of course, quality.

From the tribute to the black revolution of Ada Montellanico to the Griots of Roberto Ottaviano; from the ethno-jazz charm of Krzysztof Kobilinsky and Daniele Di Bonaventura to the Hispanic mood of Flamencontamina; up to the young and courageous ensemble Sidewalk Cat Quintet, who accompanies the jazz cruise: every concert will be a happy meeting of new music, people, nature, history, lulled by the sweetness of the Sile river in the background.

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