San Sebastian's Jazzaldia announces its programme for the month of July

Those already revealed are joined by big European names on the 55th Jazzaldia programme: Bugge Wesseltoft, Mariza, Lina_Raül Refree, Michel Portal, Salvador Sobral, Bojan Z.

Jorge Pardo, Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Chano Domínguez, Marco Mezquida, Joachim Kühn, Oreka TX, Iñaki Salvador, Carles Benavent, Javier Colina, Perico Sambeat and all those already announced have also confirmed their shows.

The 55th San Sebastian Jazz Festival announces that it has closed and now confirms its programme of paying concerts. As forwarded, local musicians play an important part in the line-up; however, the perspective of borders opening in coming weeks means that the attractive names of European musicians have been incorporated.

In the first place, three Portuguese singers Mariza, Salvador Sobral and Lina.

Mariza, the performer responsible for reinventing of Fado and one of the great figures of Portuguese music, will treat us to the premiere performance of her emotional and majestuous interpretation of the repertoire of the brilliant Amália Rodrigues. Her show in the Plaza de la Trinidad will be one of the most eagely awaited at the 55th Jazz Festival.

Lina and Raül Refree released an album which remained in the Top 10 of European radios for 4 months in a row, as well as in the leading music lists worldwide, magazines and specialised websites. They are also candidates with “Cuidei que Tinha morrido” for the Best Video Awards at New York’s One Screen Short Film Festival and Best Album at Les Victoires du Jazz, presented in France to coincide with World Music Day. Their lyrical and sombre reinterpretation of the Fado classics has caused a sensation all over Europe.

Salvador Sobral, who previously won over an amazed public at his impressive performance in the Plaza de la Trinidad, will return with his current project: Alma Nuestra, a collection of boleros sung in Spanish, combining two of his musical passions: jazz and Cuban music.

Iñaki Salvador, our pianist par excellence, will give two concerts; one as a duo with Chano Domínguez – Iñaki and Chano, two of the Spanish jazz piano heavyweights – and another in a quartet with the sax and flute player Jorge Pardo.

The Festival will pay a tribute to two unique and decisive musicians in the history of music: joining the already announced reinterpretation of works by Beethoven brought to us by the pianist from the Balearics, Marco Mezquida, is a session (in fact the one opening the event) recreating the repertoire of one of the concerts given by the fabulous quintet, taken through its steps on that occasion by Charlie Parker, on what will be the 100th anniversary of his birth, going by the name of Jazz at Massey Hall: Charlie Parker Tribute.

A section of three solo piano concerts will take place in the Cloister of the San Telmo Museum, featuring the extraordinary Serbian pianist Bojan Z. and local performers Mikel Azpiroz and Paul San Martín. In addition to the aforementioned, of course, is the performance, also in solo piano format, by Joachim Kühn at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre.

Alternating between jazz, Eastern and classical music are the performances of two European virtuosos, packed with musical intelligence and sensitivity: the German cellist Anja Lechner and the French pianist François Couturier, who present their new project: Momento.

Michel Portal, born in Bayonne, and who received the Donostiako Jazzaldia award in 2018, is without a doubt the Basque jazz musician of greatest prestige. Two years ago we heard him in two collaborations with other French musicians. Now we can listen to him in the Trini with his new quintet.

Another Basque man, this time from Navarre, promises intensity and excellence: Joseba Irazoki.

The Nordic trio Rymden has presented itself in the last year as one of the most powerful, creative and complex European musical projects. The fabulous keyboard player Bugge Wesseltoft is joined by two of the three members of the iconic trio E.S.T. Dan Berglund and Magnus Óström complete Rymden, the super group responsible for bringing the Festival to a close in the Plaza de la Trinidad.

The Festival is currently working on the programme of a series of concerts to substitute the cancelled free sessions and which will feature an important number of local groups. We will shortly announce the name of these groups and the format of their performances.


Tickets for the Victoria Eugenia Theatre and the Kursaal Auditorium will go on sale on June 18.

For the Plaza de la Trinidad, only group packages will go on sale on June 18 (referring to packages of 4 or 6 places sitting together, with discounts of 30% and 40%), while single and individual season tickets will go on sale at a later date (July 2).

Tickets for the concerts at the San Telmo Museum will also go on sale on July 2. -



July 22

12:30 Teatro Victoria Eugenia - 12€

    Jazz at Massey Hall: Charlie Parker Tribute

18:00 Teatro Victoria Eugenia - 12€

    Lina_Raül Refree

21:00 Plaza de la Trinidad - 24€

    - Colina, Carmona, Serrano, Barrueta: Veinte veinte

    - Chano Domínguez Trío


July 23

11:00 Museo San Telmo - 12€

    Bojan Z., piano solo

12:30 Teatro Victoria Eugenia - 12€

    Anja Lechner & François Couturier

18:00 Auditorio Kursaal - 20€

    Chano Domínguez - Iñaki Salvador Dúo

21:00 Plaza de la Trinidad - 28€

    - Oreka TX: Koklea

    - Michel Portal New Quintet


July 24

11:00 Museo San Telmo - 5€

    Paul San Martín, piano solo

12:30 Auditorio Kursaal - 24€

    Salvador Sobral: Alma nuestra

18:00 Teatro Victoria Eugenia - 18€

    Chicuelo & Mezquida Trío: No hay dos sin tres

21:00 Plaza de la Trinidad - 24€

    - Perico Sambeat Plays Zappa

    - Benavent, di Geraldo, Pardo


July 25

11:00 Museo San Telmo - 5€

    Mikel Azpiroz, piano solo

12:30 Teatro Victoria Eugenia - 18€

    Jorge Pardo - Iñaki Salvador Quartet

18:00 Auditorio Kursaal - 30€

    Sílvia Pérez Cruz - Marco Mezquida: MA

21:00 Plaza de la Trinidad - 30€

- Carles Benavent Trío

- Mariza Canta a Amália

July 26

12:30 Teatro Victoria Eugenia - 20€

    Joachim Kühn, piano solo

17:30 Teatro Victoria Eugenia - 12€

    Joseba Irazoki eta Lagunak

20:00 Plaza de la Trinidad - 28€

    - Marco Mezquida: Beethoven Collage

    - Rymden: Bugge Wesseltoft - Dan Berglund - Magnus Öström

Season tickets:

Available from June 18

Teatro Victoria Eugenia:

        - 7 concerts: 73,60€

Auditorio Kursaal:

        - 3 concerts: 59,20€

Plaza de la Trinidad, group season tickets for 5 nights:

    - Season ticket for 4 : 375,20€ (93,80€ per person)    

    - Season tickets for 5: 482,40€ (80,40€ per person)    

Available from July 2

- Plaza de la Trinidad, individual season ticket for 5 nights:

        - 107,20€ per person

-Museo San Telmo:

        - 3 concerts: 17,60€    

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