San Sebastian Jazz Festival announces its free programme on the Kursaal Terraces and presents Txikijazz 2020

25 new concerts, the majority featuring young local artists, many of which will take place on the Kursaal Terraces.

As in previous years, this edition will also include a jazz programme on the emblematic Kursaal Terraces, the setting for 21 concerts, specifically at the Frigo Gunea and on the Zurriola Terrace, from July 21 to 26.

The idea with these concerts is to draw attention to the fine quality of local groups who have played on these same stages in recent years. The Jazz Festival’s commitment to the new home-grown jazz scene has lost none of its strength with the health crisis.

This said, its responsibility and care required to deal with the threat of Covid-19 has had an enormous influence on the format in which said concerts will be presented.

On the one hand, from the artistic point of view, the 55th Jazz Festival has asked the musicians and groups to make the effort to present their music in a format we could describe as “chamber”: stripped of percussion and in formations of no greater than three people on stage. These measures are intended to prevent the music from encouraging the audience to stand up and dance, something that would make it impossible to control social distancing.

From the organisational point of view, the Kursaal terraces will take the shape of a bar-restaurant format, with a fixed maximum capacity of people and guaranteeing the distance between tables. The audience will therefore sit around tables at which food and drink will be served to them.

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8th TXIKIJAZZ 2020

Txikijazz, an important part of the San Sebastian Jazz Festival, returns this year in its eighth edition, also adapted to the circumstances. Music will be the big star of the show and there will be no parallel activities for children.

We will offer 4 concerts designed for family enjoyment, all in compliance with the protection and hygiene regulations stipulated by the authorities.

Two concerts on the Kutxa Kultur Terrace at Tabakalera, as part of the Musika Familian season, with a capacity of 74 attendees and a price of €3 per person:

– The Binilo’s: July 23, at 20:30.

– Los Juanes: July 24, at 20:30.

The other two concerts will take place on the Kursaal Terrace, for 300 people, where access will be restricted to families and children must be accompanied:

– The Binilo’s: July 25, at 12:00.

– Sara Mansilla y Los Juanes: July 26, at 12:00.

Kutxa Fundazioa, Fundación SGAE, Diputación de Guipúzcoa and Lakunza keep on supporting the Txikijazz.

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