Salzburg Jazz & The City 2022

After the festival is just before the festival, and with the end of the Take the A-Trane Festival, the musical autumn in Salzburg is just picking up speed. Jazz & The City, from Oct. 13-16, is already in the starting blocks to transform the city once again into a creative melting pot. Whether young or old - you only have to be curious in the best sense of the word to get involved in this adventure and to face the surprises beyond the many classical concert situations. 

Hidden Tracks invite to discovery tours of a completely different kind through the city, places like the Kollegienkirche, the Künstlerhaus or the Toihaus become creative free spaces for all participants under the motto "House of Impro" and the mobile bicycle stage - ready for use in a few minutes - becomes a productive stumbling stone on the usual paths through its spontaneous deployments throughout the city with music, dance, lectures and much more. The "hang" is arranged as well, when the blue hour in the same-colored "Gans", the bar in the foyer of the Marionettentheater, the Pop-Up Superbar in the Traklhaus or in the FÜNFUNDZWANZIG provide the appropriate beverage for social gathering.

Explicitly aimed at young people are the popular Backstage Tours, the Jazz Kids programs, the Streetdance Workshops, and the Hidden Tracks - for youngsters only. Exploring J&TC on your own is the order of the day.

While other festivals will again be focusing on the big names from the USA this year, Salzburg once more proves that you can get along just fine without them if you feel connected to the exciting, mostly young scene in Europe.

As a regular, the vibraphonist Pascal Schumacher should be mentioned in particular, who this time will be arriving from Luxembourg with strings. The saxophonist Daniel Erdmann, who also performs with Aki Takase, is the saxophonist of the trio "Das Kapital" (FR/DE/DK). The latter's drummer Edward Perraud also performs with his own trio. Also from France: the trio of pianist Gauthier Toux and the multi-stylistically cool quintet of saxophonist Leon Phal.

England is represented in the most entertaining way with the singing pianist Ian Shaw and the Scottish pianist Fergus McCreadie who is also close to folk. Announcing Myele Manzanza as a New Zealander is slightly misleading since he is the drummer of some exciting bands on the London scene. Norwegian Marius Neset, vaunted as a successor to saxophone giant Michael Brecker, also often hangs out on the island. In Salzburg at the piano of his prominent quintet: Elliot Galvin.

Remains to explicitly mention the female musicians who have represented Jazz & the City for many rounds: Berlin-based vocalist Almut Kühne will once again be good for surprises. The Ukrainian singer Viktoria with her band Leléka, the saxophonist Maryke van Dijk and the Berlin pianist Johanna Borchert together with the theremin player Pamelia Kurstin or the Rosie Frater-Taylor Trio, who will be there for the first time this year – only to name a few.