Rumor 82: Utrecht NL, Saturday 14 May 2016



Rumor 82        Utrecht     Saturday 14 May  2016
Start:  20:30    TivoliVredenburg  Cloud 9
Admission: €18,-  /  €14,- (U-pas, student, CJP, 65+           Tickets

Kris Davis – TivoliVredenbrug Cloud 9

Pianist-composer Kris Davis is one of the most progressive, most productive musicians on the  New York jazz scene. In a 2012 New York Times article she was dubbed: one of the most interesting  newcomers. As a method for deciding where to hear jazz on a given night the NYT suggested: ‘track down pianist Kris Davis.’ In her performance jazz musicians such as Bill Evans and Cecil Taylor meet avant-gardists like Ligeti and Feldman. Colourful, angular  jazz phrases are smoothly linked to the prepared-piano technique by John Cage. “Davis’ ability to link modern composers with jazz makes her music challenging and ultimately interesting. She melds Iannis Xenakis’ abstractions with Keith Jarrett’s expression.”

Kris Davis – piano        Website

Gareth Davis, Machinefabriek & Karel Doing – ACU

Bass clarinetist Gareth Davis and electronic musician Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinfeabriek) have worked together since 2009. May 2016 their fifth album together will be released on the Japanese label White Paddy Mountain  titled  Shroud Lines. Together  with visuals from Australian filmmaker Karel Doing this new material has grown into a piece of expanded cinema, negotiating between the unpredictability of an organic and acoustic process and the regularity of frames and optics; images that can be perceived as abstract become more concrete as fragments of sound turn into rich textures and melodic lines. The starting point, an archive of 8mm film, is used to create a new landscape, saturated and intertwined with found sounds and field recordings which, in live performance, are manipulated and grow physically into layers of drones, static and broken melody.

Gareth Davis: bass clarinet | Rutger Zuydervelt: electronics | Karel Doing – film     Website

Jasper Stadhouders Polyband – RASA

The PolyBand, initiated by Jasper Stadhouders, consists of a pool of musicians and physical performers. Their aim is to create a transcendental experience which feels like it has existed for as long as anyone can remember, which will exist for eternity yet has the utmost urgency of the here and now. The use of intricate polyrhythmic cycles and polytonal environments creates a multifaceted and complex image which fools around with the performer’s and the audience’s expectations, desires and memory using a method in which every perfectly timed minor change in movement and sound creates a big impact. They’re looking for the sweet spot; it creates the sensation as if the sound, the pulse, movement and its resonance are lifted off the bandstand will transcend into a ball of primordial energy which seemingly exists on its own. Think ritual, hypnosis, trance, symmetry, catharsis, euphoria.

Ibelisse Guardia Ferraguti – performance | Leo Svirsky – accordion | Jeroen Kimman – guitar | Jasper Stadhouders – guitar | Brandon Lopez – bass | Philipp Moser – drums | Onno Govaert – drums | Frank Rosaly – drums     Website

Information and tickets: / 030-2382080 / ————————————————————————————————————
Special thanks to: ACU, RASA, TivoliVredenburg, City of Utrecht, Fentener van Vlissingen Fonds, Elise Mathilde Fonds