RAUW - adventurous music programme with Rotterdam heart

RAUW, the Rotterdam makers festival for adventurous music, has released its full programme. Taking place on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 October 2021 at the industrial Maassilo in Rotterdam, the festival is packed with new national and international collaborations, premieres and young artists, with a key role for the Rotterdam scene and sound. The festival is proud to present performances by Jo Goes Hunting Orchestra, Bandler Ching, The Pack Project by Alba Gil Aceytuno, LAURA PERRUDIN <<Doksha>>, Han Bennink & Jelle Roozenburg, CLOD!, Coal Harbour, Heidi Bayer’s VIRTUAL LEAK, Amaguk and Randal Corsen Symbiosis. 

RAUW (raw in Dutch) stands for adventurous music that explores the fringes of jazz. The rawer the better. Known as Festival Jazz International Rotterdam until last year, the festival expressly invites local makers and assists them in developing new projects and pursuing their artistic dreams. Almost everything presented at RAUW is either new or undergoing development, or even experimental. 
In this light, RAUW also hosts new national and international collaborations and exchanges. 


Heidi Bayer’s VIRTUAL LEAK

This year RAUW launched an exchange programme with the Stadtgarten jazz podium in Cologne, NICA Artist Development programme and Festival Jazz International Nijmegen. A number of young makers from Rotterdam, Nijmegen and Cologne are giving concerts in the three cities to learn about one another’s music, scenes and professional networks through short residencies, and to build their international careers. Within this framework, the German trumpeter Heidi Bayer is coming to the Netherlands. Virtual Leak, her long-awaited debut album, demonstrates what we already knew from her live shows: one moment this versatile artist is blasting the hell out of the speakers, the next she’s caressing your ears with subtlety and refinement, or she’s pumping out swinging melodies.

Jo Goes Hunting Orchestra
Drummer Jimmi Hueting, the leader, singer and multi-instrumentalist of Jo Goes Hunting, will perform, at his own request, with a complete orchestra: Jo Goes Hunting Orchestra. The Rotterdammer from Nijmegen is a child of the iPod generation, as the music of his indie band demonstrates. They blend various genres to create an exciting, unique sound that never ceases to surprise. Is it indie, futuristic jazz, or even dance? More than anything, we’ve no hesitation in calling it truly exciting, certainly in this XL jazz orchestra setting.

Alba Gil Aceytuno - The Pack Project
Exotic steamroller jazz with a Spanish flavour. That’s the sound of the ‘dream band’ (The Pack Project) of Rotterdam-based Spanish musician Alba Gil Aceytuno. Jazz International Rotterdam invited the remarkably talented young saxophonist to bring together her ideal band and write new work. She assembled a septet with an all-female wind section and two drummers. She’s a musician who leaps and blasts her way around the podium like a tanker riding the waves. While their roots lie in modern jazz and improvisation, the septet’s influences range from punk rock to classical, with a heavy helping of African and Canarian folklore also thrown in. Expect plenty of energy, Spanish passion and Rotterdam directness from a band that’s sure to bring the roof down.