Polish-Italian joint residency in Katowice

Two-duo-quartet again together. After a successful first week of rehearsals and standing-ovation performance at NovaraJazz in June 2021, Polish duo Llovage and Italian duo O-Jana are meeting in March 2022. Another week-long residency and the final concert (9.3.2022) will be part of warming up for the 11th edition of Katowice JazzArt Festival. Alessandra Bossa, Ludovica Manzo, Olo Walicki and Jacek Prościński will rejoin back together, with new plans and sounds for the future.

Residency is a result of the cooperation between NovaraJazz and Katowice JazzArt festivals curated by Enroco Bettinello and Martyna van Nieuwland.