The Paul Constantinescu Philharmonic's Ball - 5th edition

The „Paul Constantinescu” Philharmonic in Ploiești, Romania, will organise on the 17th of December 2022 at 18:00 the 5th Edition of the Philharmonic s Ball. The event will begin at 6 PM and will take place in the Column's Hall from the Palace of Culture in Ploiești.

The gala event will include a fine dining dinner with exquisite menu and refined drinks, Concerts from all the Philharmonic s artistic compartments: Ploiești Jazz Trio, Symphony Orchestra, Academic Choir, String Quartet. Also, the ellegant Hall will host Auctions for paintings signed by students and other art works - the money will be donated to charity, a Wine presentation, a Dance Recital. The last and main Concert of the evening will be performed by our own Jazz compartment: Ploiești Jazz Trio and a vocal soloist.