PanorAMA – Associated Music Agents by Spaziomusica

Spaziomusica is an Italian association well known in the area for Ancona Jazz concerts and festivals for over 48 years. Alongside this primary activity, It also organizes presentations, seminars, masterclasses, exhibitions and recordings for its own record label.

The recent creation of Spaziomusica is PanorAMA – Associated Music Agents, a new booking agency in association with the Lisbon based “Nero a Metà Productions”, representing a range of artists and genres but mostly focused on Jazz and beyond.  At the top of PanorAMA’s roster is the Grammy nominated Brazilian guitarist Chico Pinheiro (BR/US), the German native doublebass player Martin Wind (US), Victor Zamora (Cuba/PT), Susana Travassos (Portugal), Martín Sued e Orquestra Assintomática (Argentina/PT) among others. Including a new and special addition in 2022: the “Two Brothers” project, a guitar duo with Chico Pinheiro e Romero Lubambo.

You can find all the presentation cards on the site where we also put another project we care a lot: the trio of Rita MARCOTULLI, Martin WIND and Matt WILSON with whom we produced a wonderful vinyl “Remembering Dewey Redman”.