Open Call: Paris Residency for Artists and Cultural Professionals

Multidisciplinary Residency Program
Revisiting the Roaring Twenties: Art, Culture and the Ecole de Paris

The location of our residency, Montparnasse, is known as a historic hub for international artists, writers, performers, and musicians working and living alongside each other in this prominent artistic neighbourhood of the French capital. Montparnasse became famous as the heart of intellectual and artistic life in the 1920s, a safe haven for international artists during the interwar period of Ecole de Paris, referred to as Les Années Folles, or the Roaring Twenties.

The year 2020 marks the centenary of that prolific period of intercultural artistic exchange. To commemorate its legacy, in January 2020 L’AiR Arts is pleased to offer a multidisciplinary residency for artists and cultural professionals dedicated to the celebration of intercultural exchange through the arts and the realization of a series of open and inclusive cultural events, including open studios, talks and showcases – each built on the generosity of the Paris based artists and cultural professionals and the curiosity and solidarity of international arts community.

This residency is open to artists and cultural professionals working in all art disciplines, including but not limited to visual arts, music, dance, theatre
and literature.

Residency Dates

Three-week residency for artists:
January 10 - 31

One-week residency for cultural professionals:
 January 24 - 31

Program Overview and Objectives

The idea of this residency is to revisit and develop the open and creative energy of the 1920s as well as the spirit of solidarity and unity that allowed arts community to thrive in the heart of France and of Europe during this politically and socially strained war-torn period.

The goals of this residency is not only to highlight the important role that international artistic community have played in Paris during the 20th Century inter-war period, but also to support international dialogue today. During the residency period, artists will exchange ideas with their fellow residents from other countries, visit Paris-based arts organizations, participate in relevant professional development events, and showcase their work. 

The residency will be co-hosted together with Paris-based artists, who will serve as co-organizers and will be asked to build on this mission of unity, openness and liberty in the artistic programming of cross-cultural exchange. Invited artists and cultural professionals from around the world will be asked to reflect on ways in which the inclusive aims of the residency provide a counterbalance to contemporary social and political divisions, and will be encouraged to implement related initiatives in their communities back home.

This multidisciplinary residency is open to artists and cultural professionals​ from diverse cultural backgrounds, of different ages and genders, working in all art disciplines and at all stages of their professional careers. Intermediate level of English is required to be able to understand and interact with others. ​

For more information and to apply:
Application deadline: September 15, 2019

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