goes around Europe never stands still! Upcoming concerts will bring around Europe until the end of 2021: new music with and best artists from label, ready to liven up the stage again.

European tour will start from Villach (Austria), with the concert Kulturforum by XYQuartet ensemble, that will performs also in Turku (Finland), with Flame Jazz and in Riga, in Latvia, with Latvian Radio Studio 1. will be back home to Italy for the shows Dada and 5 Astronauts at Teatro Salieri in Legnago.  2021 will go out in a bang with XYQuartet Ella & Louisin in Mannheim (Germany) and last in Monfalcone and Gorizia, with the show StraborDante: an original performance by XYQuartet  aim to celebrate the 700 years from Dante Alighieri’s death.

10th December  2021 / XYQuartet StraborDante – Monfalcone, Gorizia
29th November 2021 /  XYQuartet Ella & Louis – Mannheim, Germany
25th November 2021 / 5 Astronauts – Legnago, Italy
14th November 2021 / Dada – Legnago, Italy
31th October 2021 / XYQuartet Latvian Radio Studio 1 – Riga, Latvia
23th October 2021 / XYQuartet Flame Jazz – Turku, Finland
12th October 2021 / XYQuartet Kulturforum – Villach, Austria

Photo: DADA