Nordic Jazz Comets "In The Key Of Green" Project Report Out Now

The Nordic project brought promoters, aspiring artists and national jazz organizations together to explore and discuss environmentally sustainable jazz comcerts and touring in the Nordic region. The findings are included in their newly-released project report.

Nordic Jazz Comets is a long-term collaboration of the Nordic jazz organizations: FIH Music School, JazzDanmark, Jazz Finland, Norsk jazzforum and Svensk Jazz. The co-operation started in 2000 as a competition for young bands, and evolved to a showcase and career project in 2013. In 2017–2019 the NJC showcase event focused on building networks and partnerships outside the Nordic countries, namely in Germany, Britain and France. NJC is about presenting the diverse Nordic jazz on international stages, and bringing the musicians, promotors and support organizations together to build the industry’s future on creativity and sustainable values.

The 2020–2021 project, titled "In The Key Of Green", focused on introducing the elements of sustainability to the Nordic jazz community of small-to-midsize clubs, festivals and up-and-coming musicians. As a result of the workshops, showcase and five tours, the project was wrapped in a multifunction report.

The report is divided into four sections:

Pages 1–8 cover general introductions to sustainable development in the Nordic region. This section you might want to read through when you’re planning (inter-)Nordic projects.

Pages 9–13 focus on starting your journey into sustainable development. This section you might want to flick through for inspiration and practical steps in the planning stage.

Pages 14–21 present you the tours that the five bands and the network of promoters planned together for September 2021. The bands each had a tour “theme” that they paid attention to before and while on tour, and the concert organizers looked at their individual productions from the climate perspective. The tour dates and routes were planned together. So this section provides you some examples of Nordic tours, and practical tips and tricks for agents/bands and promoters.

In the final pages there's a wrap-up of the project and its findings. Much of these findings are taken to the current edition of Nordic Jazz Comets, that takes place in 2022–2023, under the title "Dagsverke". More information can be found here: link to NJC website.

We as the Nordic jazz organizations hope that you share your findings and feedback about this report and/or project to raisa.siivola (AT), so we can all benefit from each others’ knowledge and experiences! 

View and download report here: link to Dropbox.