Nicole Johänntgen at Halle 424 in Hamburg

Halle 424 is a music club in the middle of Hamburg where you can always hear very good music. So it was this time.

Nicole Johänntgen brought along her project "Robin": Manon Mullener (piano), David Stauffacher (drums), Nicole Johänntgen (saxophone), Roberto Hacaturyan (drums) and Sonja Bossart (bass). This is an American program recorded in New York in 2016.

Nicole Johänntgen about Robin:
"I saw American Robin in America, in Central Park West New York, and I was totally overwhelmed. I was lying there in Central Park, looking around and being inspired by nature. And suddenly there are these little birds. Starlings. There were lots of starlings, but especially these robins. And I found them so fascinating because they were so big. And our robin is so small. Yes, and then I thought, we honor him and the CD is called "Robin".

The concert program was a little different from the original recordings as we know them from the CD. We heard not only compositions by the band leader, but also by pianist Manon Mullener and bassist Sonja Bossart. Many fascinating solos and stirring Cuban rhythms made for more than two hours of high pleasure. Thank you Nicole for this exceptional evening! We hope to see you again soon.

You can find the full report, photos and video of the concert here.